VIP Preventative Maintenance Plan

Our VIP Preventative Maintenance Plan is an annual furnace and air conditioner maintenance agreement provides you with a semi-annual equipment tune-up. We come out twice a year and inspect your system to make sure everything is running properly, to help prevent most equipment failures before they happen. Just like your automobile, your furnace and air conditioning is a finely tuned machine that should be maintained with regular scheduled preventative care.


Why should I have Preventive Maintenance preformed?

  1. While there are many reasons to have a Maintenance Agreement, first and foremost is to ensure the safety of your family, the comfort of your home, and the protection of your property.

  2. Many equipment manufacturers warranties require routine maintenance be performed by qualified trained technicians to validate the manufactures warranty.

  3. A maintenance agreement protects you and your family against unexpected equipment breakdowns and repair cost, while saving you money on your utility bills.

  4. Maintenance helps extend the life of the heating and air conditioning equipment. Just like visiting your doctor, we look at what’s going on internally, gas pressures, air temperatures, refrigerant pressures, and many more tests within the system and make any necessary adjustment to keep your equipment running as efficient as possible.


Will I have any savings with a maintenance agreement?

Yes! Our regular service charge for a system checkup is $99.00; The VIP Service Plan, which includes two System Checkups per year, is only $165.00. In addition to the savings on the cost of the service calls; having regular system checks keeps your heating and air conditioning system running at its most efficient, potentially saving you money on your utility bills.


What happens if you fix it and it breaks again?

Worry free service! If any new purchased part that is installed by Schroyer, Inc. fails within a year of the service or repair, it will be fixed or replaced free at no cost to you. This covers both the cost of the part and the installation.


Peace of Mind

This agreement can be terminated at any time, for any reason; if you’re not 100% satisfied with the service that you receive from Schroyer, Inc. you will be refunded the unused portion of your dues, minus the cost of any parts used.