Installation Of New Heating and AC Systems In an Old House

This large old house in the historic Wells Street area of Fort Wayne, Indiana was in terrible condition when it was sold to the current owner. He gutted the inside of the house and completely rebuilt the interior, setting it up with two aprtments within the house. One aprtment occupies the first floor, and the other occupies the second floor.

Schroyer, Inc. installed two complete heating and air conditioning systems with new units from Heil, along with new ductwork and vents. Each apartment got its own systems, so that each of the future tenants can control the temperatures in their apartments separately. We also installed exhaust fans in the bathrooms and ductwork for the dryer vent in the house's laundry area.




Because the house has two separate apartments, two separate gas regulators, meters, and pipes were needed to deliver gas to the furnaces.



Each has its own AC unit, too.



The pipe and hose going up the wall will supply the second floor apartment's heating and air conditioning system. The pipe supplies gas, and the hose connects the AC unit to the furnace.


The second floor apartment's furnace is installed in a utility room on that floor.


This pipe comes up through the wall behind the furnace to supply it with gas.


The furnace for the first floor apartment is in the house's basement.





Ductwork on the furnace in the basement.



This ductwork in the basement supplies the first floor apartment above.



We installed the exhaust fans in the celings of the bathrooms, too.


The ductwork for the clothes dryer's vent.



We also installed the vents for the bathroom fans and the furnace on the outside of the house.