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EPA Delay’s Enforcing Lead-Paint Regulation, Under Pressure From Congress

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Congress limit’s EPA’s power, delay’s enforcing Lead-Paint Regulation. Possible private talks in Congress about the EPA and New Government trying to control or take over all Contractor’s in Remodeling  Industry.   The EPA has come under fire from Congress. Last month, the Senate voted 60 to 37 to bar the EPA from fining companies or individuals found to have violated the rule, a rare instance of Republicans and Democrats supporting legislation to limit the EPA’s power.

N-take2 says let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Look here; there is no way that I can believe, that the person that invented the N-take2 had money on their mind or was worried about how many of this little phenomenon N-take2s would sell to make them rich and famous. I’ve been in this industry a long time, over two decades and I know from experiences that when you work really hard at something for a long time, no matter what it is you may do in life. It’s only our human nature to try our hardest to make whatever it is we do easier or better. And this is one guy that hated to work outside, on the coldest days of winter, in over three foot of snow, because the fresh air intake on one of his best customer’s high efficiency gas furnace was plugged with snow, and the furnace would not run to heat the home. After years of doing this same job every winter, year after year, going out to the same customer’s house on the coldest day of winter and crawling through three foot of snow all the way around the back of the house just to take five minutes to remove a little snow from the fresh air intake, too keep this favorite customers furnace running. Yes this was just too much and he had just about enough of this. So he made his life and my life a lot easier, and the N-take 2 was born, thank the HVAC gods for planting this seed in his mind, I don’t know a lot about this product just yet, but before I’m done I will know enough to honestly tell you that this person is a genius and deserves to be sitting somewhere on a sunny beach down in Florida when the snow is flying in Michigan, sipping on a margarita, and singing Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. And if you have a high efficiency gas furnace with PVC vent pipe and live anywhere where snow fly’s in the winter or where birds live to make nests in your furnace fresh air intake, you should invest in this awesome new HVAC product that storming our industry, it’s truly keeping furnaces everywhere working where others without this product are not, this one little new idea the N-take2 truly is a miracle. Check out this link to find out how to get a N-take 2 for your furnace and how to find out more information on this fast growing popular product. Also the video review is coming next, so keep a eye open for that, it will be a true test to see how easy it is to install and we will also test to see how reliable it is under pressure.

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N-take2 says let it snow, let it snow, let it snow